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Shinobi Info

Shinobi Martial Arts Center is unlike any martial arts school you will encounter. The difference is not just cosmetic but is a profound difference in everything we do.

Training Benefits

Better health, higher fitness, increased mental and emotional clarity, new friends, renewed sense of taking a stand in life, and a lot of great experiences await you and your child.

What You Can Learn

Our ninja martial arts have been cleansed by the sword, they were created in actual combat and only the principles that worked, regardless of size and strength, have been passed on to us.

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The Ninja of ancient Japan were martial arts wizards who unlocked the secrets of nature in order to protect their family and friends. Nine families through time have passed down these lessons in secret to the current generation. 

Today these historical lessons have been translated into concepts and training methods applicable for westerners in the twenty-first century. Imagine having access to secrets that would allow you to defend yourself in any situation, while having the awareness and maturity to use it only when necessary.

Shinobi Martial Arts Center

95 Plaistow Road, Plaistow NH 03865

Customized Training

There are an infinite number of possible self protection situations you may have to deal with; strikes, kicks, weapons, multiple attackers, surprise attacks or even just intimidation. It is impossible to have a memorized technique for every one. Under real life stress your emotions get in the way and you simply can’t recall the “right” answer.

Training at Shinobi Martial Arts Center teaches you to use these natural emotions to your advantage. Whether you are feeling a protective confidence, a cautious defensiveness, an assertive urgency, or evasive detachment, ninjutsu uses these base emotions like primary colors or notes on a scale to create true martial art.

Your Choices

Little Ninjas

At Shinobi Martial Arts we help you to teach your child all the lessons dearest to your heart as a parent. We use ninjutsu to teach children about focus and reaching for a challenging goal.

To-Shin Do Youth and Adult

Ninja training helps your body function better, feel better, and look better. Your brain works better, your emotional control improves, and you meet and make friends with others who have a similar interest in personal advancement.

Specialty Programs

We look back to the ageless lessons of our nine family ryu-ha (martial systems) in order to gather their knowledge and bring it forward to today’s needs. You can learn to apply these visionary concepts to specialty areas of study like security protection of others, outdoor survival methods, mind sciences to enhance focus and calm, and much, much more.

Your Instructors

At Shinobi Martial Arts Center
Dennis Mahoney

Dennis Mahoney


Dennis Mahoney was awarded the To-Shi warrior name of Fuutoshi, “Warrior of The Evil Repelling Blade”. He started training in the ninja martial arts in 1988 and continues to train and teach as a member of An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’ To-Shin Do Shihan Kai Master Instructors Board.

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Theresa Murphy

Theresa Murphy


Theresa Murphy was awarded the To-Shi warrior name of Mantoshi, “Warrior of The Boundless Blade”. Theresa started training in the ninja martial arts in 1999 and continues her training with Dennis Mahoney, Mark Davis, and An-shu Rumiko Hayes while teaching at SMAC.

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Darryl Brazee

Darryl Brazee


Darryl Brazee was awarded the To-Shi warrior name of Sutoshi, “Warrior of The Pivotal Blade”. Darryl has studied dozens of martial arts but found his home with the ninja martial arts, training and teaching To-Shin Do at SMAC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are so confident in the services we provide that there are no contracts at Shinobi Martial Arts. Have no doubts, we are a premium martial arts school and we constantly strive to provide training and service that far out paces your investment of time and money. We also understand the difficult economic times and have responded with quite simply the best family plan available.

A discount program run by hobbyists is likely to be poorly designed and unskillfully presented. You could lose the opportunity for you and your child to get the real and lasting benefits of authentic martial arts training. Start with the best school right from the beginning.

When are classes?

There are classes some mornings, evenings and Saturday. The schedule is part of the SMAC Information Package. Click HERE to download your copy.

Or you can see the schedule online HERE

What is the cost of training?
Your cost depends on what program you are in and which options you choose. Full pricing information is part of the SMAC Information Package. Click HERE to download your copy.

How do I start?

First get your SMAC Information Package and Free Online Course by clicking HERE to download your copy. Then call us to set up your Free Private Lesson and start your training. Contact information is located HERE if you have any questions.


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